By April 7, 2008

Good bye, home office: Day 1

I am going to post some pictures of my home office this week, in preparation for my new job which starts on Monday. I’ve spent most of the last three years in this room, working, chatting, and playing. It is going to be weird working in a cube again. I am definitely going to miss my dogs; Rosie and Pearl have always grown up with me working out of the house. It makes me sad to think of them being without me all day, but that’s how things go.

So, here’s the view of my office from the doorway. There are relics from previous positions all over the place. The “Surrender the Booty” flag was from my time at my last “real” job, a play on the mercenary theme my manager generated amongst our team. You can’t see it, but the dog is over on the filing cabinet to the left. I have two red Swingline staplers, given to me by two different people from two different places, some random stuffed animal/figures, and a button that says, “It’s Xi’s Fault!” referring to a team “member” who ditched out on a project to go sell real estate in the Bay Area.

If you squint, you can see a dog bone underneath my chair, to the left. There are three or four toys in here at any given time, along with at least one dog.

Yes, those are stacks of Magic cards on my secondary desk where the fax machine and printer live. That is also a four-stage nail buffer bar next to them.

I sometimes thought of this room as a prison. I would isolate myself from the outside world for days at a time. I remember four days passing where I never went outside except to get the mail. But now that I have to give it up, all I can think of are the things I loved about working from home.

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