By April 8, 2008

Good bye, home office: Day 2

Part of my ongoing photographic and gibber-acular tribute to my home office, now that I’m moving back into a cube farm.

Yep, my main desk. Up until about a month ago I had a single, suntan-inducing 21″ CRT for a monitor (you may have seen it on the Day 1 photo). I bought two 22″ Dell flat-panels and a new laptop for all the commuting I was going to do. Heh, joke’s on me! I only traveled four times and only needed a machine one of those times.

Items of interest: I snack on almonds while on conference calls, or whenever my tummy gets rumbly. The mass-market ones from Target are both tastier and less expensive than the ones at the regional grocery store nearby.

I have all sorts of desk toys to occupy my hands while I listen in on conference calls. You can see two Battlestar Galactica toys at the far right edge of the desk (that’s the Pegasus and a Raptor, if you care).

My desk is a who’s-who of Gibberish reviews. The stainless steel caffeine molecule mug from ThinkGeek sees heavy use, I make at least two Americanos in it a day thanks to the Aerobie Aeropress. Motorcycle-friendly temperatures taunt me via the Oregon Scientific weather station. The iRocks USB hub and card reader powers a Web cam, reads my CF and SD media cards, and my memory stick with KeePass on it. I never realized how a bunch of separate gadgets I reviewed on Gibberish tie together in my daily life.

I spend most of my time facing this direction, so that’s where most of my pictures are. I have a picture of my sister and my pops next to the lamp. There’s one of Porter next to my monitors (he makes me happier when a conference call goes wrong). The calendar on the wall was a gift from Lady Jaye; the fact that it is still on January is a testament to my laziness in meatspace. I like looking at the big photo of Porter playing as a puppy, which is mounted on the wall. He was almost a year old when that picture was taken, and possibly the last time he wasn’t overweight. 🙂

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  1. roclar says:

    It feels odd and amusing seeing my weekend bedroom the topic for Gibberish this week. Fun fact for this view is the blue LED display on the UPS in the lower left of the picture is the brightest object in the room when all lights and displays are off.

  2. Starbuck says:

    The calendar is on February. I flipped it about 2 months ago that one time I was in your office and I noticed it was wrong 🙂

  3. Sweet Jeebus, that is -not- a happy picture in that frame. Uncomfortable office space Batman!

  4. Whats with the interogation lamp? You must have sunglasses available when you turn that around. The blinds down and its daylight sure your not CIA or something like that.

  5. drfaulken says:

    I never turn it around 🙂 It puts off enough light that the reflection on the wall illuminates the room enough. I don’t like harsh, direct light, so I bounce it off of walls or the ceiling.