By April 10, 2008

Good bye, home office: Day 4

Part of my ongoing photographic and gibber-acular tribute to my home office, now that I’m moving back into a cube farm.

This is the spill-over desk. When I have too much shit on my main desk, things migrate over here like a herd of buffalo. I keep my Brother 5440 multifunction printer here, along with my trusty Samsung ML-1430 desktop printer. I also sort newly acquired Magic: the Gathering cards here … you can see them piled up because I have been lazy. I also have two full 800-card boxes under the desk (the white rectangular things).

The white bowl held some instant oatmeal, which I have been eating just about every morning since I started training with Yoda two years ago. My daily routine kicks off by letting the dogs out, making an Americano via the Aerobie Aeropress, and then eating a bowl of oatmeal up here in the office.

I put this picture up to show a few things. One, to demonstrate how wired a home office can be. From bottom to top: there’s a sixteen port switch, my wireless router for my FIOS Internet service and “real” WiFi access, and then another wireless router that is just for Nintendo DS gameplay and is a honeypot otherwise. The device on top is my BroadVoice Voice Over IP adapter. I tell you, this thing saved me a fortune in phone bills and toll charges. My last employer, despite being a multimedia juggernaut, wouldn’t spring for a conference call service, and as such all of my calls were long distance. Luckily, VOIP saved my bacon.

The other thing I wanted to demonstrate is how dusty shit gets around here in no time flat. I dusted all of this stuff off three weeks ago, and it’s already dusty as fuck. With three dogs and a half-sasquatch we throw off a lot of hair and, uh, skin flakes. Thank goodness for the Dyson.

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