By August 21, 2007

Google Calendar finally has group-level contact integration with Gmail

I use Google Calendar to keep of all types of shit, including my Year of the Zombie campaign. I use GC to invite the other players to each session — this allows me to see who’s able to play and who isn’t. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the way of contact list integration with Gmail. While I an email group entitle “YOTZ” with the five other players, I wasn’t able to type in “YOTZ” as a contact in Google Calendar. Today I had just finished typing in each player’s email address when I noticed a “choose from contacts” link near the invitee entry textarea. I clicked the link, and lo and behold was a popup panel with a fully-integrated Gmail contact list — including groups! Yay, it’s about fucking time, Google Calendar. 🙂

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