By April 16, 2012

Great customer service and a beautiful bracelet from TurtleDoveGems

Sedagive? had a birthday recently, and I took to Etsy to find some unique handcrafted items. I was looking for bracelets this year, and I knew that Sedagive? and I shared a love for Dia de los Muertos art. She also likes turquoise, and if I could combine the two I’d be in good shape.

I found some really beautiful items from Etsy seller TurtleDoveGems, but the best thing of all was her response to my unique customer service request.

Sedagive? liked her bracelet a lot. The bracelet is quite pretty and is made up of turquoise skull beads and black lava rocks. The bracelet stretches, so I knew it would fit Sedagive?’s tiny little wrist. It was a hit.

However, my favorite part was the reply to my request: “Would you please draw a unicorn fighting a giant squid?”. I’ve asked a few other online businesses to do the same, sometimes with fantastic results.

Well, here you go:

LOL! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Squidward + fanciful unicorns + caption = big time smiles.

Big thanks to TurtleDoveGems for not only creating a beautiful bracelet and fulfilling my order quickly, but also for making all of us laugh out loud.

TurtleDoveGems also donates 10% of every sale to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center that rehabilitates and researches sea turtles.

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  1. Ed says:

    Lazy darn unicorn needs to get back to work at the counter! It is his shift!