By November 8, 2012

Halo Industries Salmonella Test Kit Review

We buy a lot of our food from Costco, and the majority of what we buy is Costco’s in-house “Kirkland” brand. The Kirkland products offer a very good value, especially for pecans, walnuts, dog food (before we switched to a raw diet) and peanut butter. Unfortunately, we received a recall notice from Costco about the peanut butter.

The postcard from Costco stated that all Kirkland peanut butter was being recalled as a precaution for salmonella. They stressed that no one had taken ill, but Sedagive? had been sick about a week prior to getting the recall notice, and one of the things she’d eaten earlier that day was a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.

We immediately set the peanut butter aside, and out of curiosity I ordered a salmonella test kit for home use.

Here’s a video of my experience:

In short, the test could have been more conclusive. The swap area was a weird green-blue color, and I wish the instructions would have had an example of how blue “blue” was supposed to be. After thinking about it, we figured that the test was negative, but there’s room for some usability improvements with the indicator color, instructions, and how the samples are tested.

Not recommended.

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