By September 5, 2008

Hanna: rock me like a hurricane?

Today will be the twenty-third day in a row I ride my motorcycle to work. Not a bad streak, eh? There’s only one problem: tropical storm Hanna is expected to hit my area sometime this evening. With weather prediction being as flaky as it is, that could mean it could show up early while I am at work, or not at all. It is high sixties and clear right now: should I ride or not? If so, should I take the more nimble Cylon or the more protective Raptor?

Almost all of my motorcycling experience comes from riding Cylon. He’s lightweight, more easily controlled, and familiar. On the other hand, I recently upgraded Raptor with a xenon high intensity discharge headlamp. If it’s dark and stormy, Raptor will light the way. He’s also a nearly 900 pound pig, so if the wind is blowing sideways he won’t be as easy to handle as Cylon.

The other factor is heat. It has been cool in the mornings for the last week, but in the 90s when I come home. Raptor is best in the morning, Cylon is king in the afternoon heat. It is supposed to be 85°F when I come home. Definitely borderline for the BMW.

Oh well, I am definitely riding. I need to test out my Frogg Togg waterproof gear anyway. I probably won’t decide which bike to take until I am heading out the door. Either way, Hanna isn’t changing my commuting habit. I wonder what’s going to break my riding streak.

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  1. drfaulken says:

    I wound up taking Cylon in. It was absolutely beautiful on the ride in this morning. By the time I left work it was light drizzle. I put on my Frogg Toggs in the parking lot before I left, and the rain stopped :).

    I encountered light rain the last ten miles or so of my trip home, so I felt a little justified in wearing ANOTHER layer of gear on top of my leather jacket/Motoport pants, and Knox back protector.