By July 2, 2012

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Pearl!

My youngest dog Pearl has been with us for five years now. I adopted her from the Washington Animal Rescue League, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a life companion.

I had no idea that Pearl would turn into the sweetest, most selfless dog in the pack. Yes, she still eats stuff, but she’s the first dog to greet me when I come home, and the one to leave when everyone realizes I don’t have any treats.

Pearl’s a sweetheart and a great walking companion to Sedagive?. I never thought that the rambunctious, headstrong puppy I adopted in 2007 would be the large-hearted buddy she is today.

Happy adopt-a-versary Pearl, and I hope anyone looking for a companion seriously considers rescuing an animal instead of buying from a breeder.

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