By October 16, 2013

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Porter! 2013 Edition

Nine years ago I adopted Porter, my oldest dog and only son. He was just a pup back then, and even though he’s grown into an adult-sized dog he still has the heart and love of a puppy.

Thanks in large part to Sedagive?’s raw diet feeding he’s been happy and active. He plays with his adopted sister Pearl by wrasslin’ around and generally acting the fool. He’s also kind enough to give his other adopted sister Rosie “bicycle rides,” where she gets behind him and … oh, that’s not really a bicycle ride, Porter. She’s … nevermind. Just be happy buddy.

ANYWAY, happy adoption anniversary to you, Porter Bear. You’re a great little guy, and I hope I am writing these posts about you for years to come.


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