By October 19, 2010

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Porter!

I adopted my oldest dog, Porter, six years ago from Homeward Trails. He was a tiny puppy when I got him. There was just Porter and two of his six siblings left by the time I interviewed him. His other three brothers and sisters had died to due to neglect before Homeward Trails got ahold of them.

His foster parents at Homeward Trails talked about a “Forever Home” for all of their animals. I thought it was hokey, but I understood where they were coming from. Dogs and humans have evolved physically and socially together, and I knew from growing up there was a bond between them that can go beyond master and pet.

Six years into my life with Porter, I appreciate exactly what Homeward Trails meant. Yeah, “Forever Home” sounds cheesy, but when I come home from a frustrating day at work, hug Sedagive?, and then sit down on the floor with Porter in my lap I recognize this power of this pledge. The little guy relies on me to keep him fed, healthy, and safe, and in return he loves me with his whole heart.

Porter, I made you a promise six years ago that you would never have to worry about a home again. I will keep that promise. Forever.

If you are considering adding an animal companion to your home, please adopt. There are scores of unwanted dogs, cats, and other varmints that need homes.

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2 Comments on "Happy Adopt-a-versary, Porter!"

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  1. erin clare says:

    Happy “Forever Home” Day, Porter!!

    I can’t believe it’s been six years since his little cowboy bottom wiggled across your floors. No doubt, he has found one of the best homes any pup could ever have.

  2. Sedagive? says:

    Happy adopt-a-versary Porter!

    Thank you for making me smile every single day.