By October 23, 2012

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Rosie! 2012 Edition

I brought Rosie home seven years ago today. I feel like I say this on every dog post, but I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. Over 2500 days of being with Rosie, from the first days when she slept in my lap while I worked from home, to seeing her run around my huge back yard in Virginia, to watching her stare intently into the thick trees behind our current house, sniffing for deer and who knows what else.

Rosie’s definitely grown a lot this year, emotionally. Moving to Minnesota was very rough on her, and she was paralyzed with anxiety for days after the move. She didn’t eat, nor drink, nor hardly move for several days after we arrived in our first rental home in 2011. When we moved into our current house, things were much better, and she has generally been a much happier dog in 2012.

Like her brother and sister, Rosie has reacted very well to the raw diet that Sedagive? dilligently prepares for them twice a day. It’s been a gift to watch her shrink to her puppyhood day proportions, and see her powerful chest and narrow hips come back into sight.

If you’re thinking about adding a dog to your home, you’ll be richly rewarded. Rosie is still excited to see me every day when I get home from work, and encourages me during my workouts by getting as close as is safe. She’s been a wonderful gal, and I encourage all of you to consider adopting a castaway pet before spending money on a dog from a breeder.

You’re a sweetheart, Rosie. Who saved who?

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