By October 16, 2008

Happy adoption anniversary, Porter!!

Four years ago I adopted this little dude:

and he has given me joy every day since. Well, except for that time he jumped on the bed and pissed on it while staring at me. He was mad. We had a “talk.”

Sometimes I get grumbly when I am out messing around on the bike or want to go take a trip. It’s hard having three “kids” at home, especially since I have to crate Pearl and feel guilty about leaving her caged up for long periods of time.

But none of that matters when I am having a bad day and Porter jumps on the couch and sits next to me. He sits right next to me, like another person, sighs, and leans on me.

I love you, buddy.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Happy Adoption Anniversary Snuggle Face (porter)!!! 🙂

  2. erin clare says:

    HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE!!! Both of them

    I’m sorry I’m so late the blog posting game, but Happy Adoption to them both!!

    May Othello’s soul protect them.