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Two years ago today, Lady Jaye and I brought home a little potato of a dog (sorry, some of the pictures have been corrupted on imageShack). She may have been the runt of the litter, but Rosie has always been lionhearted. We knew she was ours the second she leaped fearlessly off of a tall garden bed to come play with us. We brought her home two years ago today, and I have never regretted it.

Here she is during her first days at her new home:
He was the top dog at first, but little did Porter know that three months later Rosie would be humping him at the water dish.
Rosie could fit in my hand when we brought her home.

And some from this August. I never would have guessed her physique would have turned out this way:
She is super streamlined, and built for speed. She is much much faster than Porter or Pearl.
All of the dogs are friendly, but Rosie is big on being next to you and making sure you feel at home.
Porter may be a handsome fellow, and Pearl may be a cutesy wolf, but Rosie is beautiful and elegant.

Big thanks to Lady Jaye for reminding me about Rosie’s Adopt-aversary. I sang Rosie a song, but I think she would have preferred a cookie instead. 🙂

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