By December 9, 2005

Happy birthday, badmagic!

Happy birthday to my friend — I miss being in your gaming sessions 🙁

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  1. badmagic says:

    Hey, thanks.

    How’s the zombie game going?

  2. drfaulken says:

    They bogged down a few months ago. Scheduling conflicts was the big killer, and then World of Warcraft sort of got in the way. There’s talk of doing a one-shot adventure should some of my friends come down later this month, but aside from that the game is pretty much over in my opinion. Since we’ve stopped playing, I’ve thought a lot about the long term viability of such an environment; it’s pretty bleak and taken to its logical conclusion there isn’t a whole lot for players to hope for. The subject matter is probably a little too dark for most players.

  3. badmagic says:

    Check out One of the Living. (The review is here.) It sounds like is has a lot of stuff in it about building a society in a world of zombies.

    If “dark” is a problem, remember the last five minutes of Shaun of the Dead? Never underestimate what people can adapt to.

  4. ca11away says:

    As a player of the game with DrF, I can say it was tons of fun. Even though we haven’t played in 2 months, I could easily pickup from the MAJOR cliff hangar we left on. I do agree that the future of the game will take an amazing amount of story crafting to add depth, at this point it’s much like, Doom 3; location, zombies, shoot, move to next location.

    To sum up the experience, it the first PnP for Cleopatra and me. While we only played a few times, the game has shed light on other areas such as movies, tabletop games and books (not to mention some respect for DnDers ). It’s been a wonderful time.

    DrFaulken did an amazing job as DM in what I would expect to be a tough gaming scenario, (three new-to-PnP players, unusual genre, did I mention we were very dense new players?)