By April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Pearl! 2013 Edition

Happy birthday to our Lady Moose, my youngest dog Pearl. She turns six years old today. I can’t believe it.


Pearl, like the other dogs, has had a great year. The biggest improvement to her quality of life has been the raw food diet. I owe this 100% to Sedagive?, who did all of the research and spends a ton of time making the dogs’s food and rotating what they eat so they get a balanced diet. Pearl’s coat is better than ever before, and she’s getting more trim around the waistline.

Pearl’s diet is also fortified by fun stuff like a plastic “grabber” arm used to pick up small pieces of whatnot, shipping boxes, various toys, Lego block, wires, and jackalopes. One of those isn’t true; I’ll let you guess which one I fibbed about.

Despite nom-noming everything in the house, Pearl is a real sweetheart. She’s the first at our side in the morning and the last to leave. She tries our patience sometimes, but she gives a lot back to our hearts.

Happy birthday, Pearl!

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