By April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pearl!

Happy birthday to Pearl, my youngest dog who is turning four today.

The biggest event for Pearl this year was moving to Minnesota. The tallest and poofiest of the dogs, she should have been the best to acclimate to the weather. However, she hates it when her feet get cold and doesn’t like the cold rain of the midwest.

The second biggest event for Pearl was eating both my birth certificate and my social security card. Nice to see that even though she’s four some things never change.

As she’s gotten older, Pearl has become more and more attached to us. While the other dogs sleep on the couch or on the floor in the office, Pearl likes to stay by our sides. Pearl is never pushy with her affection, she just sits quietly waiting for us to have a spare moment.
Pearl (back) relaxing on a new rug in her new home

Pearl really likes going for walks outside with Sedagive? There is a really nice set of walking paths and trails near our house, and we go there as often as we can.

Pearl gets pretty tired after a nice walk, or chasing Porter, or chewing up my legal documentation:

Sometimes, during these quiet moments, Rosie likes to remind her younger sister that she’s adopted.

Happy birthday, Pearl!

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