By September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Porter!!

Happy birthday to my oldest dog Porter, who turns seven this year!! I don’t know exactly when Porter was born, so he’s a September baby. All I know is that he’s the best, and he had a really good year this year.

Unlike my other two dogs, Porter actually lost weight this year. He’s starting to look pretty trim! I contribute it to regulating his diet better, but also because our back yard here in Minnesota is devoid of oak trees. I think Porter consumed his body weight in acorns every day. He’s done his best to substitute acorns for hostas, but those will all be dead in a month or two anyway. There’s even money if the dogs will eat them all, or if they’ll be covered in snow first.

Moving around in the snow was tough for Porter — he has the shortest legs out of all of my pups — but his resemblance to a bulldozer was a big advantage in busting through the packed white death.

Porter made some new friends this year: the vet staff at the Apple Lake Animal Clinic. I am lucky that all three of my dogs love to go for rides, even if it’s to get shots. Aside from an ear infection and some sort of soft fatty deposit under his arm Porter is in tip-top shape.

Of course, Pearl thinks she’s responsible for Porter’s good health. She still runs him ragged inside of the house and out:

but sometimes Porter gets his licks in, too:

Overall, it’s been a good year for Porter. He’s adjusted well to living here (he was mostly an inside dog anyway), and now that I’m working from home again he’s getting the companionship he was used to during the early stages of his life.

Good boy, Porter — another year my friend. Another twenty.

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  1. erin clare says:

    Good Boy, Porter!! Happy Birthday, pup!!

    Doc, Porter looks really good!! He stlil has such a puppy face.

    What a sweet little guy.