By September 3, 2008

Happy birthday, Porter!!

My best four-legged friend turned four on Monday. Actually, I have no idea when he turns four exactly, just sometime around now. Here are some important snapshots from Porter’s life. Warning! Lots of pictures 🙂

Year 1
My little guy in action mode.
First Christmas.

Year 2

Rosie moves in, everything is ruined 😉 I was glad there was another dog to keep him company, but he started to gain a lot of weight and became kinda sad overall after she moved in. His gentle Eeyore demeanor is endearing.
This was the day Rosie realized she was just taller than Porter.

Year 3

Fun in the snow.

The day Pearl came to live with me. Like with Rosie, he was very accepting.

My last day at the home office before I started my current job. Porter had been a constant companion, no matter how long I sat in front of my computer instead of cuddling him on the couch.

Love you buddy, here’s to another year 🙂

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Aawww he is so adorable. I am glad that I get to watch your puppies. Happy Birthday Porter Bear 🙂