By August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Rosie! 2013


Happy birthday to my middle child Rosie, who turns eight years old this year. Great googly moogly!! It blows my mind that two of my canine children are older than Sedagive?’s youngest human bay-bay.

Rosie has had an incredibly rough year. She contracted (developed?) masticatory muscle myositis (you can read the start of her saga here) and went through some significant pain, difficulty opening and closing her mouth, and probably permanent damage to her jaw muscles.

This is on top of her “normal” epilepsy, which has been going on for four years. I am not sure about the prednisone she’s taking for her MMM, but she’ll be on phenobarbital forever.

On the up side, the raw food diet Sedagive? feeds our dogs has really helped Rosie’s overall health and energy levels. She smells better, her teeth are more clean, and she’s trimmed down a lot. She’s also more playful than she used to be, and given her bout with MMM and the general “high” she gets when taking her phenobarbital I think that’s saying a lot.

With the exception of some really tough days, Rosie is as happy as she’s ever been. Her most favorite new activity this year is “getting the mail.” She, Porter and Pearl all walk to the mailbox with me and then sniff / run around the yard until I tell them to go back inside. It’s a far cry from the half acre fenced lot back home, but it’s sunny and the grass is soft under her paws.

Things could always be worse.

Happy birthday to you, Rosie, and may your next year been as sweet and gentle as you are.

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