By February 14, 2008


Happy birthday to Starbuck, Sweetest of Hearts. I met Starbuck while working at … well … Starbucks (there’s a Battlestar reference in there, too). It’s difficult trying to write about someone who helped change my life so much without it sounding cliche. But Starbuck really did save me as a person.

I didn’t realize how grim I was until I met Starbuck and watched her laugh with her entire soul. I didn’t realize how hardened my heart had become until Ghost Rider passed away, and witnessed how deeply his passing touched Starbuck. Her life has been punctuated by loss but it doesn’t stop her from reaching out to other people.

Meeting Starbuck renewed my drive to appreciate the moment: I started telling my friends and family I loved them more; I made time to be around the people I cared about, and I no longer accepted that I was a completely terrible person. Now I think I’m just mostly a bad person. 😉 I realized my spirit had been sick for some time. Starbuck has made me a better person.

Happy birthday, Starbuck, and thank you.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Starbuck says:

    i love you