By October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween: Call of Duty 5 zombie trailer

I saw this on TeamXbox today. A new iteration of Call of Duty, a first person shooter video game franchise, is due out later this year. This particular version of the game is set in World War II.

Question: Given the glut of WWII-themed games, how do you keep the excitement level high?

Answer: Zombies.

Bonus points: Nazi zombies.

Treyarch, the developer for the fifth Call of Duty, released a trailer featuring American soldiers barricading themselves in a building and fighting off hordes of Nazi undead. The trailer appears to use the in-game rendering engine entirely. True to the co-operative storyline marketing push of CoD 5, the trailer shows the soldiers using teamwork to fight off the zombies and protect each other. One of the last scenes has three GIs fighting back to back — something that could happen in the actual game but given the frenetic nature of CoD4 I doubt would really happen. Anyway, it looks cool.

Who knows if the zombie mode will make it into the game, but I would pay extra for a short series of zombie-themed missions via Xbox Live!’s downloadable content system.

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  1. drfaulken says:

    No joke, I hope my other friends w/ 360s buy this game and that it doesn’t suck donkey balls. It might be the first non-rhythm 360 game I buy for full retail price.

  2. Agreschn says:

    Well, the demo drops on the 11th and the full game is out on the 18th IIRC. I’m not sure whether I’m going to pick it up for the 360 or PC yet as the PC will probably get patches/mods and whatnot sooner than the 360, but I find it easier to organize on the 360 thanks to the friends list and Xbox Live. The New Xbox Experience coming on the 19th of November will probably help with its new Party feature.

    Once the demo drops we can check out the co-op as Gabe has said that the demo will have both singleplayer and multiplayer available. 🙂

  3. Call of Duty 5 zombies is a TON of fun. I plan in including it in a review of the game that i will be writing for my blog, Ligths Out Gaming. I will difinately have good things to say about at least the zombie part of the game.

  4. prosoccer04 says:

    i wish cod4 had nazi zombie mode