By March 23, 2010

He Should Have Read Gibberish

I wrote about how to spot unmarked police vehicles in Virginia a little over a year ago. There are some tell-tale signs, and it’s helped me manage my speed many times.

I commute about forty-five miles a day. My route includes several different highways, and each highway has different speed limits. A blue Ford Escape (first generation) was following behind me this morning. As I merged onto one highway from another, I noticed a black Chevrolet Impala in front of me.

I slowed and started running through my checklist:

  • Dual exhaust: yes.
  • License plate holder: no.
  • Dealer sticker / label on the back: no.
  • Multiple antenna: yes.

I slowed even more, and maintained a respectable distance behind the black Impala. The blue Escape got impatient, and rocketed by me, doing probably 75 in a 55 zone. As he passed by, I noticed the small flashing lights in the back window of the Impala.

The Chevy picked up speed and closed with the Escape almost instantly. The flashing lights came on, and the Ford pulled over about a quarter of a mile later.

I resisted the urge to beep my horn a few times, but I couldn’t help but chuckle inside my helmet. All of the signs were there, the Ford’s driver was just to impatient or ignorant to look for them.

Keep alert out there 🙂

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