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Hello Kitty water cooler review

Lady Jaye gave me the Hello Kitty water cooler last December for holiday. It operates just like a “real” water cooler, except that the HK doesn’t cool the water for you. There’s even a removable drip collection tray. The water cooler comes with a 64 ounce water jug. The spigot is nicely constructed, although the water flow is not as fast as I’d like. There’s plenty of room to put an eight ounce glass underneath the spigot.

“Please drink eight glasses of water,” Hello Kitty admonishes you. I obeyed religiously, just like when she told me to kill my parents. I mean, just like when she told me to love everyone and dream of world peace. About two weeks into my eight-glasses-a-day routine I discovered something unfortunate about the water cooler. If you don’t drink all 64 ounces withing a five or six hour period of time, the water starts to taste like plastic.
The stock water bottle. Don’t let the water sit too long, or get exposed to sunlight. Blech.

The Hello Kitty water cooler sat dormant for a few months. Lady Jaye and I were wandering through our usual grocery store when she spotted a three liter Deer Park plastic water jug. It had roughly the same size spout as the Hello Kitty jug. I bought it and while it makes the water cooler tilt precariously a bit, the new jug works. Plus there’s no gnarly aftertaste if I let the water sit for a few hours.
The cooler with the stock container.
Aftermarket upgrade complete! Water glass for scale.

If you’re looking for a cute personal water dispenser, the Hello Kitty water cooler is right up your alley. I strongly suggest swapping out the water jug ASAP. I wish the water would flow a bit more freely, but it’s a small quibble.

Hello Kitty water cooler, I mew out
Four out of five STFU mugs!

full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug empty STFU mug

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  1. Mighty_Squid says:

    Dude. That is so awesome.

    Good review. Thanks.