By September 25, 2007

Herculito takes first place

My uncle Nino, who has been living in Mexico for a few years, entered his modified Volkswagen Beetle in a car competition in Morelia, Mexico. Herculito (Little Hercules) competed against three hundred other cars and took first place. Here are the two pictures he sent along:

Nino has always been into custom cars. He has a Saleen Mustang back in the States, and used to shoehorn Porche engines into Beetles when he lived in Puerto Rico. One of my fondest memories growing up was when he helped me custom-paint my 1974 VW Super Beetle.

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7 Comments on "Herculito takes first place"

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  1. fishsprout says:

    That is one *hot* car! I’ll take it! 🙂

  2. Stomper says:

    Congrats to your uncle! Herculito is gorgeous – the paint job is beautiful! And it’s a cute car. So does Hurculito have a Porche engine inside or did he soup it up some other way?

  3. Mike says:

    Very nice. 🙂

    That looks like a tuner Smart Car. Can he hook you up?

  4. yousuf says:

    Awesome car,plz mail me beetal making picture

  5. dr bilal says:

    Dear ,
    this is somthing beautiful. so lovely that i cant tell. plz do afavour to the world of beetle lovers. upload the plan and detail pictures of the herculito.

    i am dying to see it in details,
    love , dr bilal

  6. josef says:

    hi..can u send me more pictures of herculito? i wanted to build one and i hope you can help me thru sending more pictures of herculito if its ok with you..i admire your work very much..

  7. drfaulken says:

    Hi Josef, this is my uncle’s car but I will ask him for more pictures. Thank you for your compliments, I will pass them on.