By December 1, 2005

Hey, long time no chat. Can you fix my mp3 player?

Annoyance: I don’t talk with some of my friends up in Northern Virginia as much as I used to. It’s been that way for the last two years, ever since I moved up to Maryland, and now down to Richmond.

The only time I hear from a pair of them is if their computers are broken, or they need help configuring their gadgets.

To paraphrase the IM conversation:

Them: Hi DrFaulken!
Me: Hi Them (what the fuck do they want now?).
Them: How are you doing?
Me: (suspicious) I am on my way out the door to go swimming.
Them: So, we can’t get our mp3 player to work with our computers.
Me: (fumes) I’ll give you two minutes. What kind of mp3 player is it?
Them: It’s a 60GB Creative Nomad Zen. It says I have to update to service pack 2, what does that mean?
Me: (watching the seconds tick by) Do you not want to upgrade to SP2?
Them: It says I don’t have enough hard drive space. I tried to run disk cleanup, but now it’s frozen at the status screen.
Me: How big is your hard drive?
AIM: Them has signed off

Jackasses. The worst part of it is that Them is a married couple, and He Them is too busy eating cheetos and drinking novelty beer to learn how to do this shit himself. So She Them wants to get her stuff to work, and winds up contacting me, or whomever else is around.

Do you expect people to do everything for you?

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  1. Ed says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHha! I know who they are!

  2. HerderessOfCats says:

    Ooo, me too, since Ed told me about this story! Preach it Doc Faulken! Amen.