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Hey That’s My Fish Android Game Review

We play a ton of games here — board games, card games, video games. In the last three months, we’ve spent an increasing amount of time playing board games on our mobile devices. I play the iPad version of Ascension several times a week, and we also play Elder Sign on our Android tablets. I also played a ton of Dominion online via

We liked the digital adaptation of Ascension so much I thought I’d give Hey, That’s My Fish! a try. The board game version is made by Fantasy Flight, the same people who make the meatspace Ascension game. The digital version is made by Gary Games (now Stoneblade Entertainment), the same people who did the Ascension iOS app. For $2.99 I was willing to give it a try.


Hey, That’s My Fish! is a game for up to four players. The idea is to eat as many fish as possible with your penguins before they are eaten BY KILLER WHALES. Whomever ate the most fish at the end of the game wins.

Players place their penguins one at a time on the board. Most hex spaces have one fish, some two, and a few have three. Your penguin scores when it moves again, or when it is eaten by a killer whale. Once the penguin moves the hex disappears. Eventually there’s nowhere to go, and the orcas all get a snack.

The games go by very quickly, say less than ten minutes depending on the number of players and how “serious” the game is.

The Android version of Hey, That’s My Fish! is pretty to use and easy to understand.

Like all good family games, there’s something for everyone. Younger or less experienced gamers can pick up the game right away and just move penguins around. Sedagive?’s six year old son G-Unit had the hang of it by the middle of the first game. Older / more experienced gamers will do their best to trap opponents or maximize the number of fish they can eat.

I really like this game, and G-Unit’s asked to play the game several times. We’re always happy to play, and that’s the double seal of approval: a game younger kids want to play, but adults won’t cringe while doing so.

Here’s a super short video I put together:

Strongly recommended

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  1. Ajar says:

    Gary Games actually designed Ascension and all its expansions, not just the digital version.