By December 28, 2006

Holiday in review

I hope you all had a nice Christmas season this year. Lady Jaye and I had a nice Refugee Holiday this year and hosted seven other folks on Christmas day. I was pleased that Configuratrix stopped by on her return leg from North Carolina. We had tons of food. I fried another thirteen pound turkey (turned out a little dry this time), in addition to a six pound ham, a 1.5 pound turkey ham, and a 1.5 honey ham. My father sent us two smoked pheasants. We also had four handmade pies by Pixie, Stomper made hand-rolled spinach and mushroom thingamabobs, Markie brought a wonderful mixed greens salad, and we had stuffing, gravy, and broccoli as our feel-better-about-the-desserts sides. Lady Jaye baked for two and a half days before Christmas, and assembled a righteous armada of homemade peppermint bark, peanut butter brickle, fudge, Russian tea cakes (OMG TEA CAKES), molasses and spice cookies, holiday Chex mix, Birds’ Nests, and other yummies.

We aren’t used to housing that many folks at any one time, so I rearranged the dining room and set our two tables end-to-end. We are a table cloth free home, so I wrapped both tables in Christmas paper. It was cute to see all the doodles atop the snowman wrapping paper. Yes, I did draw a pirate snowman. No, I did not draw a Dick in a Box snowman. Lady Jaye did. 😉

We played a nice round of Cranium. It’s amazing how universal that game is. I can’t imagine anyone not liking that game, there’s something in it for everyone.

None of us died from sugar and coffee overload, and some of us went to the shooting range the next day. My mother went grocery shopping and exploring, and Lady Jaye had to go to work (fawking boo). I was very impressed by my stepfather’s (the Professor) shooting — he only had limited experience with skeet shooting and some handgunning without any instruction. Basically, point this thing downrange and squeeze the trigger. With Markie’s help, I ran a refresher safety course for him, my niece, and Stomper. The Professor shot very well for a novice shooter, and looked like a motherfucking spymaster. He had a very statuesque stance and looked like an older secret agent brought out of retirement to defend his family. Bad ass.

We brought all of our own toys this time:

My favorite “guest gun” of the day was the 1911 A1. It was comfortable to shoot, and I was pretty accurate with it from the get-go. Markie’s revolver was the first one I’ve ever shot that I didn’t immediately want to throw in the garbage. Then again, it was a full-sized revolver and not as well suited to carry as the smaller, lighter revolvers I’ve fired in the past.

Markie and Stomper had problems shooting my Guardian, which was a real mystery. They had a failure to feed and had lots of problems getting the pistol’s hammer to drop. They would just pull, pull, pull on the trigger and the gun wouldn’t go off. I would step up and fire off a full clip. No idea what’s going on. Markie expressed that he didn’t feel that the gun was reliable, but I didn’t have any problems that couldn’t be explained away by the Winchester ammo offered by the range. I know that the Guardian can be finicky with feeding certain loads, which is one of the reasons I pack Federal Hydro-shock ammunition.

I scored some great gifts this year. Lady Jaye gave me a Hello Kitty personal water cooler (a full Gibberish entry forthcoming), and Guitar Hero II, which I played from Christmas morning until last night, much to the detriment of my social time with my guests. I would like to publicly thank my mother, stepfather, Lady Jaye, Duke, Pixie, Stomper, and Markie for enduring, without verbal complaint, song after song after song. It was really cool watching my stepdad rock out to “Shout at the Devil” when he took his turns wielding the axe. Look for an upcoming full write up on Guitar Hero II. Stomper and Sleepy Panda assembled a really sweet gift basket crammed full of coffee from our favorite roastery and yummy treats. I was almost ashamed to open it because the ensemble looked so nice and professional. But there was coffee inside that needed rescuing, purple plastic wrap be dammed.

My folks are just now clearing out this morning, so I’m going to see them off and then purge the house of the sugary treats before heading off to the gym. I literally almost went up a belt size in the last week. Besides, I need to start practicing my lunges for the foil fencing course in January.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Stomper says:

    I’ve been meaning to add a comment for a week or so now. It was one of the best orphan holidays I’ve been to in a really long time!! Lots of good people, food, games and toys (that go bang, bang). It was very relaxing. My thanks to the host and hostess!!