By December 15, 2005

Holiday in World of Warcraft!

Keerdak, my orc in charge of buying and selling things on the player-run auction house, woke up to find a giant tree in the capital city.

Great Father Winter was telling everyone to get in the spirit — I think he gives quests, but Keerdak is very young and probably isn’t elligible.

Suddenly Keerdak rocked forward! Someone had hit her with a snowball! She turned around and everyone was throwing snowballs at each other:

There was a vendor selling holiday treats, seasonal wrapping paper, and special recipes to make gingerbread cookies and egg nog.

I also saw this fellow, whose mount had been transformed into a familiar face. I’m not sure if that’s a quest reward, or a random treat, ala the All Hallow’s Eve celebration in October.

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