By May 17, 2006

Holy Fraking Sh

Some folks have been doing a total conversion mod of the game Freespace 2 to incorporate Battlestar Galactica models. They released a trailer for their unofficial endeavor, and I’ve hosted it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Apparently this demo movie has been around since this January, but it was reposted on Ars recently and therefore got my attention.

Lots of these free total conversion mods are in development, but normally the team releases a trailer, or a Web site with some screen shots, and then the word gets out and they are shut down by the content’s parent company. In this case, it’s Vivendi/Universal that could put down the hammer on the development team. There is especially a big bru-ha-ha if the parent company has their own video game title coming out. Many Star Wars TCs were squashed by the Hammer of Cease and Desist thanks to LucasArts.

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