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Homax spray paint can handle review

I haven’t used spray paint in a long time, but my memories are still crystal clear. I was eleven years old. I wanted to spray my BMX-style bicycle matte black. I was out behind our utility barn; my father told me not to use his spray paint unattended. I waited for him to go into the far pasture and broke out the matte black. I quickly coated my bike a few times and smiled. I thought I was being super sneaky.

“Why did you paint your bike?” my father asked about a half hour later.

“Huh?” I blubbered.

He pointed at my right hand. There was black paint all over my index finger from the shitty nozzle.

I thought I was being super sneaky.

Fast forward a few years. I wanted to spray my 1980 Honda CB400T Hawk matte black. I was in my driveway, the motorcycle pushed far away from my other vehicles to avoid over-spray. In an effort to keep my mitts clean, I bought the Homax spray paint can handle from Lowes for about three dollars.

The concept was simple and elegant. Snap the nozzle tightly to the spray can. Pull the trigger. The trigger pushed a lever down and depressed the nozzle on the spray can. Fool proof, eh?

Like all good rattlecan artists, I wanted to throw down a few coats of primer before the matte black went on. I shook the can around for a minute, per the directions on the can. I pulled the trigger, and a nice spray of gray paint hit the tank. Sweet! I thought, quickly moving the can back and forth. I moved to the other side of the bike and just happened to look down.

There was gray paint all over my index finger from the shitty nozzle.

“But wait, DrFaulken,” you may be saying, “isn’t the Homax spray paint handle supposed to stop all that messy shit?”

Why you are right, it IS supposed to, but it DOESN’T. That’s why it’s a PIECE OF DOGSHIT.
Not a very clean operation.

I ripped the handle off and tossed it in the trash. I cleaned my finger off with mineral spirits and put on a latex glove instead. I finished the rest of the bike and pulled the glove off, and my hand was free from paint.

I love gadgets, but the Homax spray paint can handle didn’t work. If you want to keep your paws paint-free, buy a box of latex gloves for about the same price and save yourself some heartache.

Not recommended.

ps — here’s the bike painted black. I’ve done some more work to it since, but you get the idea.

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  1. Ed says:

    I don’t know, this review sounds like you creating yet another excuse for the fact that you have a box of latex gloves in every room in your house…

  2. RJ says:

    it has been my experience when rattlecan spraying to make a few swipes then stop and wipe the nozzle to avoid blobs ,,,then continue with a few more swipes,,,clean off the nozzle again,,,,spray a practive mist across a piece of cardboard first,,,then begin pressing the spray button ahead of the object being painted ,,,NEVER starting on the object itself,,,SHAKE ,,,,PRACTICE swipe,,,Cross Over a few times,,Clean Nozzle,,,REPEAT,,,,Adding a plastic gizmo to the can just complicates things