By September 19, 2011

Honoring Andy Whitfield: Spartacus Workout Month

Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Andy Whitfield passed away September 11th this year after an 18-month battle with lymphoma.

Mr. Whitfield’s illness weighed heavily on my mind. I’ve tried to do the right thing by my body, including regular exercise, a decent diet, and staying away from potential health hazards given my family’s genetic heritage. Andy Whitfield was in incredible physical condition for his titular role as Spartacus when he was diagnosed with cancer. By most assessments, he was doing all of the right things, and he got screwed anyway.

In honor of Andy Whitfield’s commitment to his body, to his role as Spartacus, and his life as a family man I am going to commit to doing the same workout he did for the next month.

I encourage you to do the same. Here’s your challenge.


The Spartacus: Blood & Sand workout was published on Men’s Health magazine (which is great, BTW) in 2010. It consists of ten movements:

  1. Goblet squat
  2. Mountain climbers
  3. Single arm swing (I’ll be using a kettlebell)
  4. T-pushup (also called a plank pushup)
  5. Split jump
  6. Dumbbell row
  7. Dumbbell side lunge and touch
  8. Pushup position row
  9. Dumbbell lunge and rotation (also called a Russian twist lunge, or lunge and twist)
  10. Dumbbell push press

You do the same movement for 60 seconds, rest 15 seconds, and then continue to the next movement. Rest for two minutes, rehydrate, and do the circuit again. Do the circuit three full times. According to Men’s Health, it takes 41 minutes to do the work out, and may burn between 596 – 866 calories.

Men’s health has a two page PDF document with the workout movements on them available for free download.

Most of the movements are familiar to me already; I have done them in kettlebell and other home workout routines for awhile. The dumbbell side lunge and touch is completely new to me; I’m familiar with the split jump but have never really done them before. I am worried about the split jump movement on my knees. But I don’t imagine Andy complaining while doing his workout, so I am not going to, either.

I am going to do the workout three times a week the first week, four times a week the second week, five times a week the third week, and six times a week the last week.

Help me honor Andy’s life and do this challenge with me. I’m going to post a series of thoughts and photos as I go through the routine, and I hope you add your sweat and comments as well.

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2 Comments on "Honoring Andy Whitfield: Spartacus Workout Month"

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  1. Ed says:

    But, this might kill me! Think about my frailness!

  2. DrFaulken says:

    I consider myself to be in okay shape for a tech person, but day 1 was the toughest workout I’ve ever done without the presence of a trainer.

    HOWEVER, because the workout is time based and not repetition base you can adjust your level of effort.

    Just do what you can. 🙂