By September 13, 2006

HORI Nintendo DS retractable stylus review

The Nintendo DS Lite is 39 percent smaller and 21 percent lighter than the original Nintendo DS Phat. While I’ve enjoyed the smaller form factor of the NDSL quite a bit over its predecessor, there is one small problem: the stylus used for the bottom touch screen is, well, too small.

There are a metric shit ton of third-party replacement styli for the DS, including some that look like normal pens and pencils. There’s a stylus that wraps around your finger, and a set that look like claws. I was after something a little more conventional, and something a little longer. Finally, I knew how my girlfriend felt.

Enter the HORI retractable stylus. The HORI stylus is on top, the stock NDSL stylus is on the bottom. HORI makes a ton of accessories for handheld gaming platforms, including the screen protector with which I had an initial struggle.

The first thing I liked about the HORI is that it fits in the stock NDSL housing. Some of the more unconventional styli look neat, but I don’t want to keep track of it and my NDSL. The cap of the stylus latches nicely into the body of the NDSL.

The base of HORI is solid white plastic. The part that extends is clear plastic. I was concerned about the clear section being flimsy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The stylus feels sturdy and has yet to flex, even during my most frustrating moments of BrainAge or Starfox Command. The tip of the HORI is the same material as the original stylus, which will hopefully reduce the likelihood of scratches.

Here’s the stock Nintendo stylus. It’s too small. I have to pinch the stylus with my fingers to keep it steady, and after awhile my hand gets sore.

This is the extended HORI stylus. It feels like a slim, full length pen. Since BrainAge relies on handwriting recognition for most of the exercises, a normal-feeling pen is a big deal for me. I am able to write more naturally — and to be honest, my handwriting sucks to begin with. I’ve had far fewer recognition errors since switching to the HORI.

Just like the screen protector, the HORI retractable stylus is recognized as an official Nintendo accessory. Perhaps this explains why the tip is the same construction as the stock stylus, and why it fits so well into the DS housing. The HORI comes in a two-pack, and can be purchased for as low as $6 after shipping from eBay.

If your mission is to get a stylus that’s easier to write with but still fits within your NDSL, you can’t go wrong with the HORI retractable stylus.

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  1. Bond says:

    HORI, how is that pronounced?

  2. drfaulken says:

    If I were being careful about maintaining the Japanese pronounciation, it would be “Ho-ree,” with the flapped “r” sound.

    Since I’m not careful about my pronounciation, I say it “whorey,” as in, “that girl’s as whorey as they come.”

  3. Bond says:

    yeah, that’s what I figured. Whorey, I’ve been saying that alot lately anyhow.

  4. It always makes me think “H to tha izz-O, R to tha izz-I” a la Jay-Z’s “H to tha izz-O, V to tha izz-A”: