By July 18, 2006

How Does She Know?

It never fails. When I say never, I mean never. Rosie will be in a different room, maybe even upstairs. Sometimes she is asleep, other times playing. I’ll walk, sneak, or belly-crawl over to Porter.

I wait.

My hand stretches out slowly and I start to pet Porter. He might roll over on his belly or stretch out a bit, but he never makes any significant sound. Sometimes I whisper in his ear that he’s a good boy, or that I love him.

I blink once, maybe twice, and there’s Rosie. Every time.

How does Rosie know that I’m petting her brother? Why does she wake up, jump off the bed, run downstairs, and find us no matter what room we’re in? Seriously, it’s beginning to freak me out. Lady Jaye and I think that maybe dogs make a “I’m happy” sound that we can’t hear but is audible to other canines.

Any guesses?

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  1. Ed says:

    I have noticed this with cats also. I think they just have much better hearing, and can tell that you are moving around, and so is the other animal. And the sound tells them that you are both in the same room. And then the jealous instinct of the puppy kicks in!