By December 19, 2007

How fast can you type? Asus Eee edition

Earlier in the year I posted How fast can you type? I hit 98 words a minute, which seemed pretty realistic. The test took two minutes and used a combination of letters, numbers, and case (take the test here, Java required).

Someone on Ars Technica inquired about typing on the Asus Eee’s keyboard. The diminutive sub-notebook has a very small keyboard. I can’t find any direct information about it, but I read that it was about 85% the size of a regular keyboard.

Would a 15% smaller sized keyboard result in a 15% drop in time? I revisited the TyperA testing site to see.

Most of my errors or slowdowns on the Eee keyboard resulted from striking multiple keys at once. I had a particularly hard time with the “o” and “0” keys. I back-tracked a lot and found that if my hands strayed too far from the home row the number of my mistakes went up. Some Eee owners complain that the number keys are off by a key position due to the missing tilde key (it’s usually to the left of the “1” key), but I don’t really find that to be much of an issue.

The biggest problem I have with the keyboard is that sometimes it won’t register a keystroke. I don’t know if I am hitting some of the keys too lightly, or if certain keys are just … not as well made as the others. The “n” key and I are constantly bickering, and when I hit the space bar with my right hand I’ll sometimes miss a strike.

All in all, I scored 82WPM on my last trip to TyperA. If we analyze my mistakes, you’ll see that most of them are due to the weird behavior of the “n” key:
soetimes(sometimes), Goig(Going), no0t(not), frineds(friends), i(in), eet(meet), kow(know), i(in)

After scoring a 98 on a full-sized keyboard, my expected Eee rate (due to size alone) should be about 83 — so I was right on. I think I would type faster if the “n” key registered more to my liking. I might have to pop the key off to see if there’s a crumb or hobo leg stuck in there.

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  1. Great Lord Foofah says:

    Lol, hobos.

    Try typing with one hand. It may be difficult to learn at first, but with the size of the EEE keyboard you might be able to pull off your 98.