By October 30, 2008

How many miles per gallon does your body get?

Here’s a fun little quiz to break up my motorcycling gibber-jabber: How many miles per gallon does your body get?

The quiz says I’m a motorcycle!

I got 41.5MPG, which is about what Raider, my BMW R1150R gets.

I think the quiz, like all of these weird-ass “what XXXXXXXX are you?” quizzes, is accurate at a general level. The details are up to interpretation. For example, how much better or worse is it if I work out seven days a week versus six? How big of a hit do I take if I have only fasted for a day due to my vasectomy surgery instead of two days for an intestinal cleanse? I’d like to see the answer matrix for this bad boy, but it was a fun quiz to take!

Thanks to Ars Technica member caustic meatloaf for posting this in the Lounge. 🙂

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2 Comments on "How many miles per gallon does your body get?"

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  1. Starbucks says:

    I came out as a hybrid car: 34.5 mpg

  2. Jim Shoe says:

    Motorcycle – 40.5