By April 19, 2006

How to dispose of a 21" CRT monitor?

Has anyone gotten rid of a CRT monitor? More or less legally isn’t too big of an issue for me. If I can do anything short of dumping it in the river I will. I am afraid the answer will be “take it to the county dump and pay them $50 to get rid of it,” at which point I might just put it outside of the house on the curb with a “FO’ FREE” sign. If so, I’ll try to videotape anyone attempted to carry it off. This thing weighs a ton!

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  1. ca11away says:

    Put it in your outside trashcan and see what the pickup people do. I bet they will pee on your house. That would make a better video…

  2. drfaulken says:

    Thanks for the link!

    It looks like this is going to cost me $7 according to the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority. Not bad, but I’d rather shoot it with my AK or my shotgun instead. 🙁

  3. butterysweet says:

    Oh but you’re so strong! 😉

    I think the important thing is that it doesn’t end up in an ordinary landfill, so please don’t put it on your curb before before you check into it a bit more. A good starting point might be

    Please let us all know what you end up doing so that we can do the right thing when our time comes!

  4. anonymous says:

    Well that’s not bad at all. I understand how you feel, but think: What would Jar Jar do? 🙂

    Have a really really good day!

  5. configuratrix says:

    Tote it to the recycling center near here when you come up for gaming on Friday? They have a computer parts place.

    I have 2 to get rid of myself, but I intend to take them to a local charity which trains folks on computers. The recycling center would probably be more convenient for you, though.