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How to find items with free shipping on NewEgg

I have spent a ton of money with personal and home office computer parts and electronics e-tailer Their prices are usually very competitive, but the reason I keep shopping with them is their fast order fulfillment, and easy return process. When they offer free shipping on items, it only sweetens the deal.

NewEgg recently added a search option for “Free Shipping,” which is good — except that the search option isn’t available on every page. I don’t know why, and I don’t know the combination of searching criteria and options that enables the “Free Shipping” variable.

What I did, however, is find out how to modify NewEgg’s product URL in order to only report back items that qualify for free shipping.

This is the full URL minus whatever item you are searching for:

If you are searching for “usb 6′ cable” then you would need to modify the URL like this: 6′ cable

Let’s break down what the URL means, as far as I know.

This is the base URL for ProductList.aspx is the page that searches NewEgg’s product database and presents the results back to your Web browser.


This is important — I am not entirely sure what this is, but I think it has to do with where the search originated from. If you use the search box, the string changes from “&N=4808” to “&DEPA=0” and the rest of the query won’t work.


This is how your results are ordered. “Best Match” is default, but I am a cheap bastard so price is more important to me.


I am not sure what this stands for. I thought y was the number of results per page, but that’s set at 20.


This is the important part. This is the name-value pair that tells the ProductList.aspx to only return items that qualify for free shipping. The “%20” is the code for the space between “Free” and “Shipping.”


This is what you’re looking for (at long last). Note that putting in something like “6′ usb cable” may return more than just cables, but also products that include a 6′ usb cable as an accessory, etc.

Hacking this URL saved me $8 on shipping for four USB cables I ordered recently. NewEgg may change their query structure at any time, so who knows how long this will work for. Until then, enjoy searching just for items with free shipping. 🙂

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  1. Stu says:



    is nothing more sophisticated than the coordinates of the image that you clicked on to execute the search.

  2. Sideout says:

    Stu’s right. It’s safe to remove that part from the equation. Just make sure you remove the ampersand sign either before or after that part of the string. Your end result should be –