By November 16, 2005

Hrm, I guess that email went to someone after all.

Some friends of mine and I play the daily Set puzzle. I’ve been playing for years, I think probably at least five years but my memory is a little fuzzy in my middle age. At any rate, the folks at recently changed the interface to a very bright blue with a lime green border.

This color scheme looked like ass when tried by my current employer, and looks like ass on I sent their Webmaster this note, not really expecting to hear back from them:


I have been playing the Set game online for several years now, and I’ve grown accustomed to the old interface. Do you know if there are plans for a “classic” view of the daily puzzle instead of the current interface?



Imagine my surprise when I got this in my inbox this morning:

The new look of the Set daily puzzle is because of Mustang
Mobile Games is running the ‘November Mobile Games Giveaway’ and the blue
and green is in keeping with there colors. The layout is as the artist sees

While we muted the colors due to response that they were too
bright, and pulled attention away from the center of the board, The layout
will continue until December when the contest ends, and the old layout will
We realize that this layout can be harder with smaller screens,
and apologize for that.

To sum up.
· new layout is temporary
· old layout will return next month.
· Colors were muted per your request

Thanks for your input & dedication.
Set Enterprises.

Sweet! “As the artist sees best” indeed.

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  1. roclar says:

    While I feel I have managed to tune out the new changes, its cool that you actually got a response. I certainly will not be sorry to see the old interface return.