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Hypothesis: Fake American Civil War 2 Geopolitical Outcome – Part Two

This is a continuation from my post about two weeks ago discussing the fictional breakup of the United States. The first post talked about the “official” theory from a Russian political theorist, and how he obviously knew jack shit about America since South Carolina was allied with New York state. No fucking way, even if the Yankees had turned Charleston into a glass parking lot.

Anyway, I countered with a map of my own. As some of you mentioned the first time around, the map is too simplified. Intra-state politics would shift boundaries around. However, I am both ignorant as to the micro-climates of each state and lazy. So you’ll get the real US map with a bunch of colors on it. This time I’m going to address the nations that carved themselves out of the United States, and a rough sketch about their subcultures and affiliations.

The map again, for reference:

Fake map of the US after a second civil war

Here’s the breakdown:

  • California, Oregon, and Washington formed the Californian Co-operative (CACO). Nevada joins a few years later as the rest of the old Southwest falls to anarchy. California is a technological powerhouse, their studies of medicine and genetic research far outstripping the rest of the continent. Portland and Seattle provide a vital shipping outlet to Asia. Favorable trading terms with Canada rounds out CACO’s international trading portfolio. CACO is the wealthiest region per capta of the old United States, but their neo-socialist policies result in an almost 45% tax rate and a welfare system unseen outside of the pre-war automotive industry. Only those with an academic background are allowed to hold positions of political power. This provides a near-utopian existence for its citizens, where everyone has free education, health care, food and housing. CACO has the lowest number of law enforcement officers out of any post-ACW2 nation and relies on precognitive thought police to curtail crime. Those found “sub-optimal for social integration” are put into “group therapy camps” in western Nevada. No one is really sure if the precog thought police are the real deal, because anyone who questions their results wind up in the Silver State. Refugees who have made their way to Utah or the Open Sky Republic report that CACO children are being taught that all of the other pre-war states were destroyed in nuclear fire and no longer exist. No mention of any region except CACO, Asia, and Canada are allowed and censorship exists on a scale that would make Orwell blush. The region’s socio-economic policies and pre-CW2 attitudes about the use of force keeps them from further expanding their influence.
  • The Open Sky Republic was created mostly as leftovers from the other states west of the Mississippi. Idaho and Nebraska serve as primary agricultural sources; Colorado provides a much-needed technology center. Powered by an extensive solar and wind grid, the Open Sky Republic is self-sufficient and isolationist. Superior military equipment and an angry hornet’s nest-mentality from the residents of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas keep the other regions from intruding. Their primary exports are power and clean mountain water. Spies from the People’s Republic of New Texas report that renegade CACO scientists have set up shop in Boulder, Colorado. The Open Sky Republic is rumored to provide an incredibly lavish and decadent lifestyle for these scientists in exchange for knowledge about genetic manipulation.
  • Utah is finally left alone. The Mormon core values of community and stockpiling allows the state to stave off all manners of scourges: human, agricultural, or otherwise. Salt Lake City serves as a neutral trading metropolis for the Californian Co-operative, the Open Sky Republic, and the People’s Republic of Texas. In fitting with their missionary history, the people of Utah use their trade outposts to spread their religion … and political influence.
  • Without water and electrical power from surrounding regions, Arizona and New Mexico become too inhospitable to support their populations. Most Arizonans migrate to CACO, the people of New Mexico move to New Texas. Those who remain turn to banditry to survive, raiding the trade caravans going to and from Utah.
  • Literally fueled by oil reserves, wheat, corn, and guts, the Lone Star state and their traditional political allies form the People’s Republic of New Texas. New Texas is protected by an aggressively-patrolled wall separating it from Mexico and the Southwest Wastes. The region’s libertarian capitalism allows the majority of the populace to enjoy a nice quality of life … and use deadly force to protect it. New Texas leverages its cultural history of hard work and agri-business to supply raw food materials to the Open Sky Republic, the Republic of the Midwest, and New America (the southern one). Trading with CACO, their ideological anti-thesis, is limited and unofficial via Utah.
  • The Republic of the Midwest (ROM) retooled their factories to make tanks and remotely-operated aircraft after the collapse of the auto industry in 2015. ROM quietly supplies New Texas, the Open Sky Republic, and both New Americas with small arms, heavy weaponry, ammunition, and armored vehicles. Headquarted in Chicago, their society mimics the industrialized beehive of World War II America. A hardworking factory populace with a Puritan work ethic keeps everyone focused but racially and culturally monotonous. No one has officially encroached upon ROM since the armistice of 2017, and the weather and factories keep the region well-protected. Some rumors suggest intelligent, armed robots patrol ROM’s borders.
  • Never able to see eye-to-eye on anything except their hatred of each other, the old “north” and “south” of the United States started this whole fucking war in the first place. The First American Civil War was started over regional rights and spun as an anti-slavery struggle; the Second American Civil War was touched off by calls for a national health care system, big business buyouts, and equal rights for non-traditional relationships. It was federalists versus states’ rights advocates all over again. Each region claimed to be the New America and refuse to identify the other nation as anything other than “Them.”

    New America (North): Dominated by New York state (which is in turn dominated by New York City), New America (North) makes money from … well, from practically nothing. No one is sure how the region continues to pull in HUGE amounts of money from the remnants of the stock market. The stock trading economy flourishes in the old north, and mercantile multi-national conglomerates are all headquarted in NYC. Finished industrial goods are traded with Europe. Access to the eastern seaboard is granted to the Republic of the Midwest via a trade agreement that is paid via arms and cash. NA(N) used its economic superiority to fund international armies-for-hire that staved off New America (South), but continued skirmishes in what used to be West Virginia, Washington, DC, and Virginia have left the Mid-Atlantic in shambles.

    New America (South): Well, those fucking bumper stickers were right. The South did rise again. New America (South) reverted to its agrarian, plantation roots. The nation’s capital is located in Atlanta, after a temporary hold-over in Lynchburg, Virginia. The country provides other nations with tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and opium. Efforts to curtail substance use (particularly in the NA(N)) is crushed by organized crime bankrolled by New America (South). What NA(S) lacks in industrial capacity and higher education it makes up for with hard work, pride, and aggression. A large New America (North) expedition force was sent into central Virginia in an attempt to pacify the region and take control of agricultural areas; less than 5,000 of the 250,000 troops made it home. Some say any captives were pushed into slavery, but the New America (South) government denies these allegations.

  • Hawaii enjoyed a few tourist-free years, and a popular uprising redistributed wealth to the indigenous population. Such freedom was short lived as Japan occupied the islands in 2011.
  • No one has heard from Alaska since shortly after the war started. There were reports of Russian troops in the initial days of the war, but all communication was cut short after a series of low-yield nuclear strikes. With CACO reliant on nuclear power and the Open Sky Republic self-sustaining on solar and wind, no one really misses the oil coming from Seward’s Folly.
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  1. Ed says:

    You will hear from Alaska again, mu hahahahahah.

    And don’t forget that in CACO the near utopian existence is for the citizens only. There should be a huge population of ‘transient workforce’ (most of whom have been there for decades) that has no education or assistance. Need worker bees for the factories and agri business after all…

  2. Markie says:

    No one wants New Mexico or Arizona… Please won’t someone give these states some love… New Mexico has some of the best chilies in the world.

  3. Diezba says:

    A better name for the Midwest might be “Great Lakes Republic,” since it won’t be in the middle-west of anywhere anymore.

    Also, I think your “New America (North)” might better be known as “the United States,” because they’d never give up that they weren’t right in the first place.

    New America South might better be known as “Confederation of Southern American States,” since they couldn’t directly recall the old “CSA” acronym.

  4. chuck says:

    You should make up flags for each of these countries that would be cool. and i think arkansaw should be part of the south new america

  5. Rob says:

    You got one thing right… The second Civil War will be over universal socialist–> HealthCare.

    –Rob USMC

  6. Ben says:

    The idea that the south would completely revert to socialism is utterly insane. The southern states are now more industrialized than ever, especially now that Tennessee is becoming a regional power in auto manufacturing.

    And the idea of slavery coming back? Why? Who would be the slaves and why would anyone want to go through the trouble of forcing to work especially compared with industrial automation?

  7. DrFaulken says:

    Hi Ben, I think the idea that the South would become socialist is also insane — where did you read that?

    In regards to industrialization: if you ask the typical Southern male what his ideal situation would be, it would be 40 acres of land, with a nice small town within driving distance. Broadband would be nice.

    Small-unit (mostly self-sufficient) farming and self-reliance would return, and independence is a cornerstone of Southern behavior. It is in direct opposition to the current wants and needs of typical Northerners, which is why the South calls areas like Maryland and California “nanny states.”

    Who knows if slavery would come back. I would imagine that other nation-states, particularly those aggressive to the South, would attempt to resurrect old social ghosts like slavery and segregation. I am sure the South would do the same about the North. Keep in mind that inmate labor is pretty popular in the South. Please note that the tidbit mentioned POWs working as slaves, I am not sure if you got that part or not.

    Anyway, this is just a silly little exercise in fiction.

  8. BDDD says:

    Arizona will conquer North Western Mexico to obtain access to the shipping lanes.

    Arizona will take land from Mexico as fast as an APC can roll!

  9. Taylor says:

    I am in Alaska and im unsure if we assume it’s uninhabitable because of electric grids bring down, but I guarantee Alaska residents who know anything about the state would survive. Hopefully these residents and whatever military family is left can defend against Russian attacks to reclaim the free territory..

  10. Dan says:

    I like the basic skeleton of your idea but i think there are a few things missing. I would put California, Nevada and Arizona in there own California State. Oregon and Washington are way different from Cali and most likely wouldn’t join them. Your open sky republic is spot on though. Colorado is pretty liberal now but they would all get the hell out if this were to happen. I would also throw Iowa in with them. Then Indiana would go to the south. Ohio to the North. Your south is good. The Carribean would play a crucial game as well in this scenario Cuba puetro rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Hati, D.R., The Republic of the midwest i would make Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illionios, and Michigan. Madison Wisconsin would make the most sense for a capital although Duluth Minnesota would be cool too make em marxist socialist too. Canada was not taken into consideration either or Mexico. Canada, Alaska, Europe VS Russia at the same time. Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, NZ, VS China, South EastAsia, North Korea, Pakistan. hmmmmm seems really uneven though maybe put southeast asia on Japan’s side. Ya thats the that i suppose yours is a good start though.

  11. bob says:

    Dan says: Then Indiana would go to the south.

    ^yes it would. Indiana would Join the Confederate States of America. Lake and Porter counties would prob be given to Illinois (since its pretty much controled by socialist democrat chicago politics)

  12. norman says:

    why assume any of this would follow modern state borders anyway? i mean seatle area has almost nothing incommon with the eastern part of that state. as for montana (being montana) the grass roots movement back in the 70s wanted to break off from the union with north and south dakota, idaho, wyoming and eastern washington and many still do to this day here.

  13. DrFaulken says:

    Hey Norman — mostly because it was a lot easier to generalize at the state level. As you mentioned there are many examples of “micro states” within states. It would have taken a lot longer to write something if I took all of that into account, and this was just for fun anyway.

  14. norman says:

    ok fair enough

  15. NWO says:

    i dont think we’d split into so many nations… plus tha north is much to small. cail would split into to a north and south in its self… plus you have to look at tha race off the people, its changed… when you talk about tha south its mostly mexicans and blacks now

  16. Brian says:

    Even though im positive this wont happen, it is entertaining to think about. Its obvious that a divided America is the wet dream of almost every country except Canada. That being said, dont count on foreign influences on any segment. Surely benign agreements such as trade and diplomatic ties, but never puppets.

    America wont divide for the same reasons as the first civil war. Race means far less then religion and the one common element that unites southerners both white and black is religion. Also, as Texas goes, so does the south. Which means from NC to Tx will go the same direction. All of the biggest and most important military bases, along with its hardware. The majority of the military personel come from the south. The south has the best climate for farming and access to much of the natural resources like coal and gulf oil. I see no serious contender to the potential power and influence of the south.

  17. William says:

    I find the map intersting, But such a crisis would end up local, more county by county and city by city rather than states or regions. I’m shocked that states would even be represented at all even geopolitically. The warlords of the future won’t be worrying about state boundries, but rather territories on small local levels. After all we would all have to take into account the disruption and shut down of the entire nation’s fuel supply which would dictate that battles and scirmishes would be held to localized areas by small waring factions. Grocery stores would close, banks would close, schools would shut down, utility comapnies would close up, etc, etc, etc. Such a civil war would be more of a war for resources rather than nation forming or plays for power. Food would be a number one concern for all involved. Food it’s self would become the new “currency”. We wouldn’t be talking tanks, jets and well organized troops, we’d be talking “third world nation” guerrilla warfare and guerrilla styled small armies fighting for literal survival. Politics would have very, very litlle to do with it. So the map, even though a decent thought or good movie idea at best, just doesn’t work in real life after you consider logistics, social break down, financial failure and all the other horrors that go along with war in the real world. Take a close look at Africa if you’d like to think about an “American Civil War II” because America would quickly resemble Africa if a second American civil war were to occurr. African national borders change shape so constantly that map makers will leave old outdated info on world maps within the continent of Africa. Today’s Congo is tomorrow’s Zaire and the day after tomorrow’s Hutu’s and Tutsis slaughtering one another without a nation name at all. That’s what a second American civil war would resemble.