By August 6, 2007

I am Elite

Well, not quite. But I did purchase an Xbox 360 Elite for myself for my birthday this weekend. The Elite differs from the other Xbox 360s for three reasons: it has a bigger hard drive (120GB vs 20GB), has an HDMI video output, and is black. Lady Jaye, my buddy Roclar and I went out to find one. I had hoped to get a unit from Costco, as they offer an extra year’s warranty on the system. Costco didn’t have any Elites in stock, and the warehouse near us didn’t have any 360s at all. I have a feeling that they are withholding stock until the price drop, rumored for the 8th or the 12th of this month. My plan was simple: buy an Elite and wait for the price drop. I would get a price match and get $30 back, to apply towards a game or buy some stuff from the Xbox Live Arcade.

Our first destination was Target; unfortunately I couldn’t get a straight answer about price matching should the 360 drop in price after I bought it. The fellow behind the counter told me I could get a price adjustment by returning my 360 and buying a new one. This sounded like a horrible idea, as I would lose any saved games or games purchased through Xbox Live Arcade. I could ask them to swap the hard drive for me, but that would mean some of my XBLA games would be locked in online-only mode. I asked the lady in the return department — she said I could get a price match with my receipt depending on who was working. Sounded dicey to me, so we left.

Best Buy was next. Now, keep in mind I’m recovering from, uh, some “problem buying” at Best Buy. I have probably spent well over $10,000 with them over my customer lifetime. As such, I try not to go within 100 yards of that place. However, it was close to Target, and we would do anything to avoid going to Wal*Mart. I bid hello to the greeting manager and told her what I wanted to do. She said that as long as the price drop happened within two weeks and I still had my receipt I should be okay. She double checked with another lady, and she said the same thing. Sweet.

Twenty minutes later I was leaving the store with an Elite, Forza 2, and Shadowrun. I’m going to do a write-up on the system after the honeymoon’s over, but thus far I am very well pleased. As I noted in my summary of the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox Live! system is far superior to Nintendo’s online experience. Buying and playing games online is very easy; I’ve already downloaded over 20GB of games and demos. The first game I bought was Smash TV, the second was Settlers of Catan, which I have been watching for almost a year. The Catan game is nearly flawless, and I’ve already played five games against human opponents. Good times.

I am sure there are lots of dogs in the 360’s catalog, but I’ve been extremely happy with my opening purchases. Forza 2 is simply incredible.

Will my opinion of the 360 dim in the upcoming months? Who knows, but I anticipate a lot of fun times ahead. Shit, I might even cancel my EVE subscriptions.

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  1. Configuratrix says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. Markie says:

    Happy Birthday Brother… Many happy returns (but not on the xbox)

  3. Agreschn says:

    Congrats and happy birthday, DrFaulken!

    I’ve already added you to my friends list, but just thought I’d mention that getting my 360 was one of the contributors as to why I quit playing EVE.

    And with the lineup of games coming out this fall/winter… I’m already trying to find times in my daily schedule where I can cut back on activities to work in more gaming time. The only available candidate so far is sleep, though… and I’m not sure if I want to cut down on the small amount I’m already routinely getting!