By November 5, 2007

I guess I have been riding a fair amount.

So, I was checking out my motorcycle today and noticed this on the back tire:

That’s right, a big strip of rubber has broken free. I guess that’s a gentle way of saying, “YOU NEED NEW TIRES!”

The place closest to me wants $140 to mount the front and rear tires, which seems excessive. I plan on getting Metzler M6 tires, as they are more touring-oriented than racing oriented, but they will probably run me a few hundred and then to tack on another $140 … whew. Oh well, it’s cheap maintenance for something that’s brought me a ton of joy.

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  1. IRS says:

    The obvious solution here is for you to simply turn more to get all the life out of these tires. But seriously, get some new skins – we’d like to keep you around a while longer.