By July 5, 2006

I Just Want to Learn

I’ve been making a mental list of things I’d like to learn how to do. If not for any particular reason other than I think it’d be neat to know how to do a bunch of random things. One such thing was becoming a GLOCK armorer, someone who knows all the ins-and-outs of GLOCK firearms and how to properly maintain and fix them. The course is a one-day deal for $150. Not bad, and I was ready to sign up for an upcoming Richmond-area session when I noticed that class isn’t open to everyone. Law enforcement, rangemasters, and certified GLOCK retailers only.

I guess I can understand where they’re coming from — why would the average person need to know how to rebuild a handgun, and training consumers would undercut the services of certified armorers. However, it’s $150 and a one-day course. What’s the big fucking deal? The GLOCK training Web site lacks any contact information, otherwise I’d write them and ask wtf.

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  1. Bond says:

    I’d tell them I’m an out of work rangemaster looking to bolster my resume…

  2. TheRock says:

    Eh, honestly, I have the book at home I’d be willing to loan you if you want to go through it. Glocks are damn simple and the training is actually only about 3 hours total, they just make you repeat it time and time again so it takes the whole day.

  3. drfaulken says:

    Aside from getting the repair manual is there anything else available to a GLOCK armorer that isn’t available to the general public? When I bought my 27 in 1996, I was told that there was a tool available only to GLOCK armorers that was needed to service the gun. Could be BS, or could have been an old policy.

  4. TheRock says:

    The Glock tool is a metal/plastic pin punch, with the Glock logo on it – not fancy and not something you need from them. I probably have a spare somewhere.