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I’d hate to be the guy in the back

Two Richmonders and their friend from Tampa Bay, Florida, are attempting to set a world record by riding 2400 miles from Tampa Bay to San Diego on a bicycle built for three. The group is making the trek to raise money for children in Haiti, and have raised just over $16,000USD. Here’s a press release from one of the fellow’s cousins:

Some of you know my cousin, John Winstead. Others of you don’t. None of you who know him would probably classify him as highly athletic. Neither would I…until now. Please read the following press release, which I have crafted for use on his most excellent journey. If you
have a blog, please consider posting their website. Also check out the site for the charity this event is raising money for. It is good stuff. Thanks- Kelly

“Livestrong” meets “Dumb and Dumber” coming to a city near you. On August 30, 2007, three unlikely athletes departed Tampa, Florida headed for San Diego, California on a bicycle built for three.

Mark Hunter of Tampa, Chris Render, and John Winstead, both of Richmond, Virginia, have been friends since high school, but have never been as close as they’re about to be. The three members of “3 guys, 1 bike” have been training separately for 8 months and each have
ridden distances of up to 100 miles. The trick, however, comes when the t hree try to ride in tandem. “On our first try, it took us 3 hours to be coordinated enough to leave the parking lot,” said Mark Hunter. These men will have plenty of time to get it right as they ride almost 2,400 miles over the next three weeks. Their schedule calls for early morning rides, sleep during the afternoons, and signing autographs for the hoards of fans they hope to gather in the evenings.

The friends, who have been planning the trip for 18 months, are raising money for The Mercy and Sharing Foundation with their ride. The Mercy and Sharing Foundation works to “give hope and dignity to the children of Haiti.” Their project include funding for an abandoned baby unit at the Hopital d’Etat del’Universite, a school in the slums of Cite de Soliel and orphanages for both terminally ill and handicapped children, and for healthy infants and toddlers. By the time they departed, 3guys1bike, had raised more than $16,000 for the
Mercy and Sharing Foundation.
“The compassion and generosity of Joe and Susie Krabacher, founders of MSF, inspired us to choose this organization,” said Hunter. “It is great to see our plan finally come to fruition as we depart on this journey, and to be able to benefit the Mercy & Sharing Foundation is
even better.”

To track this grand adventure, visit . To learn more about the Mercy and Sharing Foundation, visit For more information and to schedule an interview, contact Mark Hunter at 804-647-0662.

I found their blog to be of more interest — currently the group is in Florida and is poised to enter Alabama. One of the bikers has a satellite phone in case you want to call him. I recommend you try his mobile phone first (number is also published). If I knew what network he was on and what his text plan was it might be cool if Gibberish readers text them encouragement throughout the day.

This is quite an amazing trip, and I hope that they make it. I just can’t imagine being the guy on the last seat, especially if you’re behind the guy who is also trying to set the world record of the most bananas eaten in a three week period. Hope he brought a rain slicker :

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  1. Pixie B. says:

    Hey Dr. Faulken, yes this is such a great cause. Thanks for posting. Too bad they aren’t doing video on their way!