By August 20, 2008

Ilium Software’s Screen Capture software for Windows Mobile review

Running a Windows Mobile phone reminds me a lot of the older days of Macintosh computing, or when I got one of the early Palm PDAs. There were all sorts of small, weird-ass applications that did one thing very well. Some Windows Mobile utilities like the SPB Phone Suite are a little spendy, and some of them cost you more than you’d normally pay (I’m looking at you, Opera Mobile). And then every once in awhile, some are free, and are totally awesome.

Ilium Software’s Screen Capture program is simple, effective, and free. All it does is take a snapshot of your Windows Mobile phone. I used it in my write-up for the SPB Phone Suite. You could also use it to document any WM hacking, in the event that you need to retrace your steps later. It would also be helpful if you are doing Web development for handheld devices.

Operation is simple: map the capture key to one of your phone’s softkeys. In the case of my HTC Touch, I mapped it to the camera button.

Run the program, and take a screenshot by pressing the designated key. The important thing is to keep the Screen Capture program running, otherwise your soft key will revert back to its primary purpose.

A camera shutter release sound will play when you take the screen shot. Screen shots are saved in .bmp format in the My Documents directory.

Illium Software’s Screen Capture program is easy to use and efficient. I highly recommend it if you ever need to take a screen shot on your Windows Mobile device, and the price can’t be beat. 😉

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