By March 7, 2013

Images from older posts temporarily unavailable


About two weeks ago I upgraded the Web server software that runs Gibberish as well as a few of my other sites. When I did so, it broke the configuration of Gallery2, the image server I used for several years.

This means that a lot (probably 80%+) of my old posts have broken images.

I didn’t notice because I’ve been using the native WordPress media gallery for the last several months.

I’ve tried several of the workarounds found on the Web, but the crux of the problem is that Gallery2 is not meant to run on more modern versions of PHP, the scripting language that powers Gibberish. The Gallery2 code is old and does not confirm to the more stringent standards of PHP 5.4.x. In order for Gallery2 to work, I have to relax the PHP syntax checking on my server, and this has proven to be more difficult than I originally anticipated.

Stay tuned, hopefully I can resolve this ASAP.

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  1. DrFaulken says:

    I managed to get the Gallery 2 software working again. It was a combination of a change to the php.ini error reporting syntax with PHP 5.4.x (E_STRICT is now included with E_ALL) and running suphp as my PHP handler instead of cgi.

    Eventually I will figure out how to run suphp with Gallery2 and PHP 5.4.x, but for now the images are back.