By July 1, 2010

Important Firearms Laws Now in Effect in Virginia

By the time you read this, the following new laws will be in effect in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

  1. HB 505: Valid concealed carry permit holders are now able to carry concealed in establishments that sell alcohol for on premise consumption as long as they are not drinking alcohol. This is a very good law and it has been a very, very long time coming. At least fourteen years by my count 😉
  2. HB 885: Any person may carry a concealed weapon in a motor vehicle or boat as long as the container is locked. You don’t even need a CCW permit for it, as long as you’re legally able to possess the firearm. An example given was a glove box in a car, but this would apply to my locked top case on my motorcycle as well. Interestingly, the spirit of the original bill was to allow CCW holders to leave their firearms in their cars when they go to work. The legislation as passed means that you can travel with a handgun in a private vehicle as long as the container is locked.
  3. SB 3: Concealed carry permits are now renewable by mail. I don’t really like this one very much, but I admit it’s convenient. I would prefer more intense certification programs for concealed carry permit holders in exchange for wider reciprocity. Ideally, the program would mimic the drivers license system in the USA, except instead of a driving practical you’d have to undergo a shooting practical. Unfortunately most states are trending away from a shooting practical portion of their CCW certification and just do law/safety only.

Congratulations to the Commonwealth of Virginia for entering a more logical age in regards to firearms legislation, and thank you to the legislators that made these changes possible.

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  1. Brice says:

    In Montana the whole not being able to carry in any establishment that serves alcohol is a real PITA. Just about every restaurant has a beer/wine license, so it’s impossible to take the wife out to dinner without disarming. However, Montana is way better on what constitutes a concealed weapon. “On your person, not visible.” In my car, there is no such thing as concealed. You are not in violation until you leave the vehicle, and then only when you are within the legal limits of a town.