By October 11, 2006

Inara the Mobile Fish Tank

The curse of the Solstice continues. I have been pretty unhappy with my Solstice, mostly for performance and interior issues. I discovered another thing to dislike about the Kappa platform roadster this week: the trunk leaks.

Or, at least, mine does. The reverse-clamshell design of the trunk doesn’t have a gasket all the way around it, which allows rain to pass into the car’s overflow channels inside the trunk. Apparently when there is heavy rain (such as we had here last weekend) the overflow channels, well, overflow. The upholstery in the trunk was completely soaked when I put the top down yesterday, and everything inside smelled of mildew.

Lady Jaye pointed out that there appears to be a drain hole for the overflow channels — THAT DRAINS INTO THE TRUNK. Right now I think my trunk may have been incorrectly put together at the factory, or there’s a huge design problem with the Solstice.

I’ve made an appointment with my Pontiac dealer, we’ll see what they have to say.

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