By May 19, 2006

Initial Image-less Check In

Sometimes my job is fantastic, as I often get in either at project conception and get to talk about strategy and potential features, or in the build phase, when we realize that all those potential features we liked some time ago were really dirty bitches in disguise. It’s a great turn of events during a project’s life, because some people buckle when the ship starts to sink. I like to think I’m one of the last folks to buckle, and that gives me a warm fuzzy.

However, typing in “Initial Image-less Check In” several dozen times as I update new online documentation is not one of my more technical finest moments. The reason I am posting this is that if I go on a kill-crazy rampage and lipstick “INITIAL IMAGE-LESS CHECK IN” on every victim’s mirror then you’ll know where it came from.

Sleep tight, gremlins 😉

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