By April 25, 2006

Insert clever financial title here.

One of the unfortunate by-products of doing cardio at the gym is that I watch more network television than I do normally. The doubly unfortunate part about it is that at least one television in view is showing either the local news or FOX news, or CNN, or whatever half-real, half-make believe bullshit is on for kiddie-minded adults.

So while I was trapped on the eliptical machine two days ago, FOX was running a bit about the national debt. You know, that big-ass series of red numbers that keeps growing every year. When asked what he thought about reducing the national debt, the “analyst” said that the debt wasn’t a big deal. After all, he said, we’ve had a national debt for 20 years and the sky hasn’t fallen yet. While that is certainly the reality, I think that’s a pretty shitty answer and a poor example for fiscal responsibility.

Cue CNN later the same evening, which was on while Lady Jaye and I went to our favorite diner. CNN’s big story was how we are raising “Generation Debt,” a ha-ha catchy name for the current crop of US citizens faced with crappy job propositions, a very high cost of living, and a higher cost for education. Add all that to a consumer-driven culture, and that adds up to a big debt. Of course, CNN was quick to bash on the youngest generations for their financial irresponsibility, and how their wayward spending would lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it.

If it’s OK for the government to run up a big tab with no intent on paying it back, what’s wrong for its citizens to do the same? I guess the dichotomy just pisses me off.

This level 1 rant brought to you by: an acerbic jackass

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  1. ca11away says:

    In case you forgot, the government is people, not a “thing”. So it’s the same people getting into debt that are running the government. No suprize there.

  2. drfaulken says:

    I don’t think anyone who’s run this country has ever resembled the people who lived in it.

  3. ca11away says:

    I mostly agree with that sir. They may at first however, but once they move into their gated, security patroled houses, they forget what it is like out here in the battle.