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International Anklebiter Illustrator Day 2012 Results

About two weeks ago I wrote about International Ankle Biter Illustrator Day, a goofy little challenge issued by Zak of D&D With Porn Stars.

The challenge: have a child draw any one thing from your D&D campaign, and then draw a displacer beast. “Patrons” were to pay about a dollar per drawing, with rough guidelines for rewarding particularly talented artists with more coin, or haggling lesser artists with fewer coin. You can read about the event on Zak’s blog.

I asked Sedagive?’s six year old son G+ to draw for me. I asked him to first draw a Hungry Spirits Totem, which belongs to my shaman character. I then asked him to draw a displacer beast. I did not give him any information beyond that, and to my knowledge he has never seen a Hungry Spirits Totem or a displacer beast.

Here’s what he drew.

Hungry Spirits Totem

Basically, this magic item does extra damage to my enemies when I roll a natural 20 on a twenty-sided die. I told G+ that a spirit was kind of like a ghost, and he didn’t ask what a totem was. I feel like he did a pretty awesome job drawing a pissed off looking voodoo doll.

Displacer Beast

G+ didn’t ask anything about the displacer beast and started drawing right away. The “real” displacer beast is a cat with tentacles, but G+’s version looks like a demonic water buffalo with Cootie-style antennae. I recorded the drawing process on video. It was awesome hearing him describe why the displacer beast had red sharp teeth, or if it was furry, and how big it was. G+ was kind enough to draw a scared guy for scale.

“Is he a hero?” I asked.

“No, he’s just a guy.”

“Hrm. Are you going to give that guy any weapons, like a sword? Maybe a shield?”

“No, he’s just a guy.”

Attention, “just a guy” guys in G+’s universe: you’re shit out of luck if you happen upon a displacer beast.

All in all, it was a lot of fun watching him participate in IAI 2012. He earned four quarters, and a stack of ten times. I hope we can do this again next year.

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